How to Play The Saxophone – How to Play Sax

How to Play The SaxophoneLearn how to play saxophone with just hours

Are you a beginner in this? I know you might be thinking that it will take ages for you to learn how to play sax. If you are willing to learn and ready for little commitment of practice, everything else will come through easily. It is obvious you will have to get someone who knows how to play and can teach you too. You can enroll to sax classes and in that way you will get to know more about saxophone. Learning how to play sax is very easy and fast, many people out there have been having the desire this kind of instrument. The following are some of the ways that should make you reach the point of playing sax perfectly.

A Video About How to Play The Saxophone

Get the necessary accessories

If you are going to by a horn from a dealer and yet you do not know what you should really get, that will be your first mistake to start with. Get someone who has the knowledge concerning this instrument and he or she will assemble it for you without any difficulties.

Get to start your lessons

This is where you need all your concentration, you have to feel the instrument and enjoy playing it for you to find it interesting. It is obvious if you are learning to play sax you must be a beginner. As for the beginners you have to learn play while sitting, make sure to sit upright.

A straight back chair is the best because it will allow you plant your feet on the floor. Avoid using a comfortable chair making it difficult to maintain the required posture.

It is very important to maintain your sitting position, make sure that you relax your neck and shoulder since this will allow you to play more comfortably.

While still sitting pull the neck strap over your head and make sure to adjust it to the length that you feel it is tight enough, the place the saxophone gently on your lap (right side).

Make a letter C with both your hands and they should be large enough to wrap all around the base and the neck of your sax.

At this moment your right thumb should be under the lower thumb rest and the other fingers are on the bottom three key while your left thumb should be on the upper thumb rest. Remember that your sax should be laying gently on the right side against your leg.

It is time to make your first sound, bring the mouthpiece direct to your mouth. Be careful with your top teeth, you should keep them relaxed and bite with the top teeth.


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