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How to Play Trumpet
Electric Guitar History
Keyboard Native Instruments
Virtual drumming
Yamaha Pacifica Guitar
How to Read Guitar Sheet Music

How to Read Music – How to Read Guitar Sheet Music

      Before you know how to read a guitar score, you need to know how to read the name and space of the ...

Learning How to Read Music

Learning How to Read Music – Learning How to Read Piano

    Are you a singer or a learner in singing? Are you new in playing piano? The first thing that you should know ...

Vocal Improvisation

Vocal Improvisation – Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation

    Vocal Improvisation Exercise Maybe you feel that you have a talent on singing but your vocals are the ...

audio recording for mac

Audio Recording in Mac – Mac book Audio Recording

    During the 80’s, recording audio to the computer would have required a microphone, which in turn was connected to mixing console that needed tape machines of open reel type to ensure easy editing process. But back then, the entire procedure was quite time consuming, while the ...

Guitar Tabs for Happy Birthday

Guitar Tabs Easy Songs – Guitar Tabs for Happy Birthday

    There are splendid ways to prepare for a birthday surprise for your loved ones. If the birthday of a near and dear one is approaching, you really think of great ways to make the day special for the person, and think of buying presents, decorating things and much more. But did you ...

How to Play The Saxophone

How to Play The Saxophone – How to Play Sax

  Learn how to play saxophone with just hours Are you a beginner in this? I know you might be thinking that it will take ages for you to learn how to play sax. If you are willing to learn and ready for little commitment of practice, everything else will come through easily. It is obvious ...

A guitar chord

A Guitar Chord – B Guitar Chord

    Learning Guitar has been facilitated in several ways these days by the beautiful availability of online classrooms and tutorials. That is why a total novice who is touching the guitar for the first time in life also will not have to wait months to start playing one all by his ...

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