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JDI Duplex MK4 NEU

Passive Dual DI-Box (Jensen Trafo)

A two channel version of the JDI for stereo keyboards, or bass rigs. All the same features as the JDI in a single box. Extremely rugged construction, virtually zero phase distortion, the Duplex is the perfect choice for live stages where eliminating noise is essential


Key Fetaures

• Jensen JT-DBE Transformer equipped passive DI
• 100% isolation eliminates ground loops
• Virtually zero phase & harmonic distortion
• Exceptional signal handling
• High common mode noise rejection

Technische Daten:

Dynamic range: 135dB
Signal to noise: 119dB
Maximum input level: +19dB
Frequency range: 10Hz~40kHz
Linearity 20~20kHz: 0.1dB
Phase coherence: 4º at 20Hz | 0º at 1kHz
Distortion at 20Hz: 0.006%
CMR rejection 100dB @60Hz
Input impedance: 10kW
Output impedance: 600W
Construction: Welded steel
Finish: Baked enamel
Input connectors: Two 1/4” phone
Output connectors: XLR male