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A guitar chord


Learning Guitar has been facilitated in several ways these days by the beautiful availability of online classrooms and tutorials. That is why a total novice who is touching the guitar for the first time in life also will not have to wait months to start playing one all by his own. This is the beauty of online guitar classes, where you get training about the very basic things with utmost care like playing the A guitar chord, the B chord and others.

A Video on How to Play – A Major Chord on Guitar


Tips to play the A chord

Playing the A guitar chord is the basic step in guitar playing. And you can master that soon by following some simple tricks. Some of the good A chord playing tips are as follows:

  • Master the tip of compressing your fingers in forming a full block, which will help you move them singly.
  • Use only the fingertips to play the chord, and don’t use the pad portion where you have fingerprints.
  • A 90-degree contact of fretboard to fingertips is desired.

There are many easy tutorials and tips to start playing the A chord the easy way, and learn sooner.

Playing the B chord

Just like the A chord, you will start playing the B guitar chord too in a short time by following easy steps and lessons. You must have heard that unlike A, B guitar chord is the toughest to learn and is definitely a lesson for the proficient guitar students. Hence you must know these tips that may help you learn better:

  • Get to know the 3 string easy version of the B chord.
  • Ways to make the guitar chord sound sweeter.
  • The best choice of the guitar chord for you as a learner.

Once you know them, you are unstoppable. There are many guitar chords to learn A, being the simplest and B, being for the advanced learners. And you can learn them all in a short time. Many vocal music and instrumental music enthusiasts have learned their guitar lessons online through flexible tutorials and classes, and you can start today. It just needs little time to follow the tutorials from your end.

Daily practice

One of the primary rules in learning any music instrument is ample practicing. When you practice well you can learn guitar very soon. The learning curve can be smooth and easy for any beginner when you dedicate an hour everyday for your passion.

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