Virtual drumming: Drum recording made easy

Virtual drummingIt is a well known fact that music is individual and personal interest. Now using computer home recording studio, drums can be included within the songs and create as well as record music. This is very much possible even without owning a drum kit. This will help the track sound to become more polished and professional. Entering the music industry is quite difficult. But with some valuable tricks and tips, there is the possibility to leverage gains over the potential competitors, which can make huge difference. Virtual drumming is a real delight for those who would like to become professional musicians.

Some basic equipment required

  • MIDI Capability based multi-track recording software: Several recording programs are present, at times known as DAW (Digital Audio Workstations). These come with MIDI capability. Few leading ones are Garage Band (exclusively for Apple), Reaper and Adobe Audition. These programs are sure to provide a wonderful base for recording music. MIDI capability is a must in the program.
  • Plug-in virtual instrument for drums: Several virtual instrument plug-ins are available nowadays. Steinberg is regarded to be a reputed and reliable one having VSTi format like StormDrum or Groove Agent. The other quality formats tend to include RTAS (Real Time Audiosuite of Digidesign), AU (Audio Units of Apple), VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology instrument of Steinberg) and DXi (Direct-X Instrument of Microsoft) plug-ins. The format type to be selected will entirely depend upon the format supported by the software. Virtual drums when carefully selected are sure to provide the best results.
  • MIDI Keyboard: The MIDI keyboard controller can be termed to be an important attachment to include drum beats to the recordings. Several models are present from reputed brands like M-Audio, Yamaha and Korg They can be found in miniature units having less than 88 keys that are otherwise present in the piano. It becomes easy to set it next to the computer keyboard. It will be wise to have keyboard ‘touch sensitivity’ or adjustable velocity to ensure availing natural sound of the drum.

With the equipments ready, the person is ready to record. Virtual drums online do offer the person with plenty of options to choose from. Those interested to start home recording on their computer can visit the reliable and trustworthy sites and blogs on the web to derive useful knowledge. This way, they can gain sufficient knowledge and also enhance their confidence.

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