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RADIO TOP - Zurich and St. Gallen regional studios

RADIO TOP regional studios in Zurich and St. Gallen use the tried-and-tested AETA Scoop Reporter II portable codec with integrated mixer and both ISDN and POTS connections to transmit high-quality audio to TOP's main studios in Winterthur and Wil.

One of TOP's reasons for choosing this product was it's flexibility in, offering a wide range of transmission possibilities. And, just as important, the AETA Scoop Reporter II is a "no-hassle" solution: with its highly compact design, correspondents can take their studio under their arm, move into a story on the spot and sending it on air right away.

TOP commercials

RADIO TOP offers advertising clients comprehensive services. Everything from production to scheduling is done in-house, thereby ensuring the highest possible standard of audio quality. J&C; Intersonic designed a commercials production studio as a fully integrated digital system. For added efficiency, the sound engineer can now save effects libraries and entire plug-in collections (integrated effect devices) as well as freely configurable mixing-desk settings. Instead of a hardware mixer, a human interface controls the mixing-desk software in the Soundscape R.Ed Harddisk Recording System. The finished productions can be imported into the RCS Radio Automation System over the in-house network for immediate transmission.

TOP presentation

Like the TOP commercials studio, the TOP presentation studio features a Soundscape R.Ed Harddisk Recording System. The motivated presentation team has a high-tech tool at their disposal for creating stunning trailers with all imaginable sound-effects.

TOP logging, disaster recovery with emergency program

He wanted a fully integrated logging and disaster recovery system, recording all his RADIO TOP channels at the same time and simultaneously offering a live stream on all channels for in-house. This enabling MP3 monitoring of the four channels live or off line at every TOP workstation with the help of the Windows Media Player. There was only one answer -- Zenon-Media, the leader in the radio automation business in Central Europe.

We can now log 4 channels (TOP, TOP TWP, Wil and Frauenfeld Regional Windows) for 98 days each at a bandwidth of 12kHz. Simultaneously the program content of all four channels is monitored to activate various routines if outages occur. In case of failure relays and e-mails are activated and an integrated disaster player is fired off. The system takes advantage of the Aircheck Player module, which allows MP3 files of the logged programmes to be played out or compiled over the in-house network.

TOP TWO On-Air studio

As the heart of the new studio Logitek Numix was chosen. Its compact footprint and modular design concept can cope with any infrastructure. The TOP TWO crew is taking full advantage of its versatile capabilities to compile both news programmes and pre-productions whereas the transmitter is on air via the mixing desk driven by the pre-programmed On Air automation system.

Kohlbrenner was delighted with the modular, freely configurable Logitek mixing-desk system. This because Numix is in the classical sense not a mixing desk only but at the same time an intelligent control console, with integrated matrix and extensive control possibilities like the 27 GPI inputs and outputs including the IP technology driven V-Mix option.

Another effective control feature is the configuration software designed particularly for user-friendly mixer programming (takes about 2 hours to learn). Also the Burli Inc. News System is controlled from the Logitek desk by freely programmable switches.

The system can be expanded to accommodate future applications at any time thanks to its open structure. Logitek can be used to linking several desks together and transmitting audio and routing information over a high-speed 1GB network.


(UK: Uli Kohlbrenner, BV: Beat Vontobel, RADIO TOP; MS: Marc Straehl, J&C; Intersonic)
MS: Why did the RADIO TOP project management pick J&C; Intersonic for their system integrator?
UK: It was mainly due to the proposed technologies, together with the know-how the J&C; Intersonic team could qualify for.
MS: What were the essential elements for you in the planning stage?
BV: We as radiomakers are particularly interested in function-oriented technology that makes our life easier - but not the opposite.
UK: J&C; Intersonic can provide the best tools for our purposes when it comes to producing modern efficient radio programs
MS: Was the design aspect planned in from the start?
UK: Design was an extremely important factor for me in view of planning for the new TOP TWO studios. It meant we could avoid extravagant and expensive structures for the studio tables. With the Logitek Numix, you don't need a monitor top board, so the DJ can enjoy an optimal working position even when seated.
MS: Thank you for your comments.

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