Fully Digital 48 Channel Studio Mixer DMX-R100

The DMX-R100 is a digital 8 bus mixing console designed for Project studios involved in music and audio post production. Many of the DMX-R100 features have been inherited from the large format Sony OXF-R3 console, the mixer can be configured with optional I/O cards allowing it to be interfaced to all popular audio recorders. DMX-R100 has an impressive feature set that includes automation functions, machine control an internal audio cross point matrix and it can handle modern production tasks as it supports both surround sound and double sample rate modes.

  • 48 channel Project studio mixer
  • Robust and simple to operate (control panel features: touch sensitive motorised faders, a large touch screen LCD display, 24 channel strips, large assignable control section)
  • Superb sound quality (all analogue and appropriate digital I/O is 24 bit, excellent digital audio processing quality and 96kHz mode)
  • Impressive audio processing (4 band EQ, Dynamics on all 48 inputs, Aux sends, multi-track buses and programme)
  • Supports 5.1 surround sound mixing and monitoring
  • Internal audio matrix switcher, allowing virtually all inputs and outputs to be freely assigned to mixer processing channels
  • Integral machine control (9-pin and Midi)
  • Flexible synchronisation (external Word and Video reference and internal generator)
  • Comprehensive automation referring (SMPTE, LTC and Midi)

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