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Electric Guitar History
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Virtual drumming
Yamaha Pacifica Guitar
How to Read Music

Learn to Read Music – How to Read Guitar Tab

Tab is a quick and easy way to read guitar music. Unlike ordinary sheet music (for the piano example), the guitar tag is very easy to follow and tells you where to put your finger on the guitar's neck. The label shows the following: e | --0-0-0-0 [---------] B | --7--5--7 - 8--7--5--5-- | G | ...

Drums Pad Online

Drums Pad Online – Drums Online Games

      There are many who are found to be passionate about music and simply cannot live without out. They just prefer to listen to music all the time, even when exercising or at work. Some even would like to try their luck in becoming a musician. But this will require them to ...

How to Read Music on Guitar

How to Read Music – How to Read Music on Guitar

  How to read music on guitar and scores? Reading music on guitar is challenging though everything needs practice. This is about reading music which is written in a standard notation. You must have the passion to play guitar and be willing to practice more often. This kind of music is ...

Harga Mixer

Harga Mixer – Harga Mixer Sound System

  When construction of a house is concerned, there is a need to develop from bottom-up. The foundation is first started prior to fitting the kitchen sink or the windows. Similarly, the mix foundation is initiated by adding effects and automation. Hence, approaching of mix is to be similar to that ...

DJ Music Beats

DJ Music Beats – Create own music with beat maker

    There are many who have a passion for music and feel they can also create music like the professionals, which is sure to be enjoyed by everyone. It is also possible to make the existing music more melodious and exciting. As a matter of fact, this is the way how several top ...

Beginner Guitar Songs

Beginner Guitar Songs – Easy Songs to Play on Guitar

  Vocal music has its own taste and sweetness and a guitar instrumental music has its own. None can take the position of the other, and yet when played and sung in harmony, both creates magic. That is why when you sign songs with your guitar in hand you really create moments of pleasure and ...

Yamaha Mixer

Yamaha Mixer – Best Yamaha Mixer

    Outdoor live sound mixing - Some problem areas to note in live sound Indoor live sound mixing may pose some type of problems which are reflections and standing waves that are created by the room’s shape and dimension as well as the stage position. But it changes with outdoor ...

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