;-) Privat Radio Top is ON AIR since Monday 2nd October! The system is consisting of: One On Air studio and two preproduction facilities - both newly designed, installed and commissioned by J&C; Intersonic Ldt 's engineers!
;-) All Leased Music Lines in Switzerland are newly installed by low delay and J52 compatible codecs from AETA - ask Swisscom or J&C; for advice!
;-) The fully digital SONY DMX-R100 Music Production Console is a master piece of engineering. It is providing automation, EQ and Dynamics at a most affordable price. Find out more!
;-) Audio Digital Workstation "Pyramix" - of entire Swiss Design is built for highest standard digital recordings. Now available from J&C; Intersonic in Switzerland.
;-) The SoundScape workstation is now integrated with all it's functions into the non linear video editing system from DPS - forming a media platform of enormous performance in the domain of video as for all requirements in audio too.
;-) J+C Intersonic in Deutschland und in ÷sterreich
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