Concept and Systems design versus product-driven solutions.      

Dear Customer,

"In the rapidly changing world of technology, nobody can afford systems design once they have paid for the equipment." Really? We believe nobody can afford to ignore systems design! Systems design is indispensable in achieving the most economical solutions using structured work flows.

Unfortunately, under pressure of time constraints and business uncertainties, there is the temptation to economise on systems design. We think that this is a false economy which can be avoided, and must be avoided.

J&C = Joining with customers. This means that a customer's concerns and priorities with a project become our concerns and priorities.

Professional audio continues to undergo dramatic changes - changes which must be accommodated. Digitised audio signals, computer technology, automation, telecommunications and Internet applications are all, to a large extent, defining today's future-orientated concepts. This is true in all areas of the audio industry from music recording to television and radio broadcasting. Thus a broad general view is of vital importance both in designing new audio systems and in redesigning existing ones.

These are the ways in which we can save money for our clients, whether dealing with basic requirements or major projects:

  • Working with end users to get a clear specification of requirements.
  • Collaborating with our clients on layout planning to produce alternative options and ideas.
  • Supervision of systems integration and complete project management by one person.
  • Design of an after-sales strategy.
  • Planning for staff training.

This looks like a lot of work, but we have years of experience of fast and efficient systems design and can bring savings to overall costs, whilst completing projects on schedule.

We are ready to co-operate with our clients from the very first ideas. It is at the start of a project, when outcomes and possibilities may be uncertain, that the generation and consideration of ideas is most stimulating and potentially fruitful.

We are ready to be involved wherever audio itself is involved - on work stations, in PC networks, in mixing consoles, on the Internet, in telecommunications, from point to point and from point to multipoint, with video and text and in all formats and media available.

We are ready when you are! Contact us at for a first chat!

Yours faithfully,

Peter Joss,

Managing Director.

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