Learning How to Read Music – Learning How to Read Piano


Learning How to Read Music


Are you a singer or a learner in singing? Are you new in playing piano? The first thing that you should know is to read the piano notes, this should be your very first step to make in your singing career. The following are steps to follow if you are looking forward to learning how to play piano and reading the notes used.

You should label all the white spaces with EGBDF and FACE for the clef. Go through the treble clef and understand the notes that you will use to play on the piano. If this is your first time you will have to familiarize yourself with all the letters of the spaces and lines. On the staff paper you will label the spaces using FACE, remember that you should start with the first space from the bottom of the page.

A Video About How to Read Music in 15 Minutes


The other step is to memorize the letter names which are on your right hand that is treble clef. At this point now you can start to read the piano notes which are on the base clef. You may be asking yourself what the left hand is for, the spaces and the notes on the lines will be played using your left hand.

Did you know that you can read sheet music for your piano classes? This is a challenging practice compared to other instruments since it requires you to play more than one part at a given time. If you are really into playing piano, there is nothing to be afraid of since with practice you will be able to come out perfectly in playing.

You should note that sheet music is read from left to right. There is a mental strategy that can help you read music notes easily without any struggles, this is by turning the sheet music so that you can easily read them down the page. It also helps you understand the spacing between the notes. Pick up your original sheet music, flip it clockwise since you have to read the notes down the page that is top to bottom and not across the page.

Identify the chord units and later match the notes, it is not as easy as mentioned but with a tutor everything will flow as you continue practicing as required. As long as you have the potentiality of playing piano it very easy to play and also enjoyable during your low moments.

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