How to Play Trumpet – How to Play Trumpet Notes


How to Play Trumpet


How to play trumpet for the first time?

Trumpet is known to be the oldest musical instrument that was used in the early days. It has been around for over thousands of years. If you are really willing to know more about trumpet it is the high time you start. It is easy to understand how to play trumpet even with just a day. You may think it is easy playing this instrument but you have to learn first how to blow it which is not that easy as it may sound. The following are steps that will make you learn how to play this amazing instrument.

A Video About How to Play Trumpet


Pick your first trumpet

Visit a dealer who will sell you the right instrument, it is good to go with someone who can choose it for you and make sure that the instrument comes with all it requires. You are a beginner and it is obvious you feel overwhelmed, pick a student trumpet for the first time.

Practice without the trumpet

This might sound strange but it helps a lot for the beginners who are willing to learn quickly. Playing a trumpet is very tiresome if you have never done it before. Remember that you must understand the lip position that is used while playing. You practice your lips by saying letter “M” as if your humming. After you feel that it is time to try the trumpet then, unwrap it and starting practicing using the trumpet.

Play using the trumpet

On your free time make sure that you have made it a routine that it is practice time, that way you will learn to play the instrument without getting tired. All you need to do is assemble your instrument fully, inhale through your mouth and make sure that you have already inserted the mouthpiece into the trumpet.

Your right hand should rest on the valves which are from one to three where one is close to you and the other three are close to the bell. Now it is the first time you get to learn the major scales, it is important to invest on a method book that will direct you on playing some of the easiest songs. If you require extra help it is good to seek for a private instructor or even enroll to trumpet classes. Do not give up at any point, practice for at least fifteen minutes in a day.

How to play trumpet high notes?

In this case you will need a lot of air to put on the pressure required to make the high note, release the valve and the super air stream. Your tongue should be positioned in such a way that it increases the volume of the air, position like you are saying the word “ah” to gain more air volume. Squeeze your lips together and finally use the super-fast Air stream to make the high note



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