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Electric Guitar HistoryKnowledge is the source of power, and that’s an old saying, but besides power knowledge also increases interest, and boosts your inquisitive persona. The same holds true in case of any new learning and subject, and guitar music is no exception to that.

Learning all about electric guitar and its history

When you are new to learning electric guitar then multiple things about it interests you. One of the most fundamental things is the origin of the instrument. And there, if you get an instructor, who is more than interested to tell you about a short or detailed history of the guitar, then how irresistible would the journey be for you ahead! In fact you would instantly get the impression that your teacher knows the instrument handling as good as he or she knows electric guitar history.

A Video About Electric Guitar Inventor

How history of the guitar would evoke interest in learning

It’s also very interesting to know in depth about a thing when you are going to take lessons about it, handle it, and use it for entertaining yourself and people around you. Some of the most interesting facts about electric guitar invention, and the electric guitar inventor would actually give you points to chew on and think while you are taking a break from learning and practicing.

  • The Telecaster guitar got initially named as Broadcaster. But this name was changed because of a Drum set which also had the same name at that time. Eventually through a short period, Fender started producing guitars without names. These electric guitars with no name mentioned over the headstock, were eventually deemed priceless and collectors items.
  • Once in 1950, a very interesting method to check the neck strength of a guitar used by Fender himself was by, standing on two chairs and seeing the guitar neck balance between them.
  • The highest level of devotion shown for the instrument was by Chris Black who married his guitar in 2001. It was a pure devotional gesture.
  • When Les Paul met an accident in 1948 and needed treatment on his broken hand, then he requested the doctor to set it in a permanent position to play the guitar.
  • Guitars manufactured by Gibson in 1950 missed serial nos. hence if you have seen one without the serial nos. it’s a 1952 Gibson make.

Many such interesting stories are there on the electric guitar which it an excellent journey to study its history while learning to play the instrument.

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