Die Trimode Version des Bestsellers Hot British!
Designed to extend the functionality of the highly successful Hot British tube distortion, the new Plexitube™ provides two different tone characters and gain settings from a single pedal.

The Plexitube is a hybrid distortion that combines the warmth and harmonic generation of a real 12AX7 tube with our unique multi-stage solid-state overdrive circuit to produce rich harmonics without ever getting muddy. A powerful high compliance EQ makes the Plexitube particularly adaptable to both rhythm and lead tones. This is supplemented with a built-in effects loop and overdrive fine-tune adjustment on the lead channel that enables the guitarist to toggle from a 'dry' rhythm crunch tone to a wet tone using a delay in the insert path for solos with a single foot stomp.

According to company president Peter Janis: "For the past 4 years, the Tonebone Hot British has become the defacto standard in high-gain Marshall© Plexi style tube distortion pedals and over this period, many Hot British users have been asking us to provide them with a solution that would allow them to quickly switch between rhythm and lead settings using the same pedal. The HB Plexitube hits the mark with separate voicing and level settings on each distortion channel and it employs a simple toggle foot action to transition between the two tones. This makes it both practical and amazingly fun to play!"