Pro AV1

Passive DI-Box für AV Anwedungen

The ProAV1 is a single channel DI with stereo inputs and an auto merge function that mixes left and right signals to mono mic level at the XLR output. It is augmented with a +4dB balanced XLR input for interfacing pro gear such as VTRs.


These innovative DIs feature a 'Swiss army knife' compliment of connectivity options including standard ¼" jacks for instruments, RCAs jacks for hi-fi gear, and 3.5mm (1/8") mini TRS making them ideal for interfacing computers and other -10dB consumer electronic devices.

The motor is a custom wound, high performance transformer that yields a linear response from 20Hz to 18kHz that is both warm and true. This is augmented with a mu-metal can that encapsulates the transformer to reduce potential magnetic field contamination from outside sources such as power transformers, dimmers and video screens. Anyone that has placed a speaker next to a video monitor knows how magnetic interference can disturb electron flow. IN Audio, the problem can be heard!