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Multifunktionsverstärker mit AV-Matrix und digitaler Signalverarbeitung
Sony SRP-X500 powered A/V matrix mixer offers an "all-in-one" solution for multimedia presentations. A totally new multimedia presentation concept unites the functions of a high quality audio mixer, wireless microphone receiver slots, RGB/video switcher, equalizer, active feedback reducer and power amplifier in a single, compact unit. Ideal for conference rooms and lecture theatres as well as a wide range of other presentation applications, the Sony SRP-X500P powered mixer reflects a major trend in modern presentations towards combining wireless and wired microphones with audio from multimedia sources ranging from video recorders and DVD players to notebook PCs and LCD projectors.

All-in-One Design
Similar to the flagship model SRP-X700P, the SRP-X500P integrates the functionality of seven devices to manage today’s modern presentation system. The 7 key functions include; RGB Switcher, Video Switcher, Wireless Tuner Base Unit, Audio Mixer, Power Amplifier, Feedback Reducer and Equalizer.

High Quality Digital Processor
The SRP-X500P is equipped with digital feedback reduction function for each microphone input channel. It can be enabled to seek out the frequency, in which howling is likely to occur, and suppress the howling by reducing the amplifier gain with 5 band equalization.

Enhanced User-Friendly System Presets
The SRP-X500P supports various AV system configurations without any meticulous manual adjustments, by selecting a System type from the nine system presets. Alternatively system integrators can customize parameter settings to optimize audio signal routing, and output audio delay settings.

Versatile Interface
The SRP-X500P is equipped with three composite inputs and two RGB/Component inputs. the SRP-X500P supports high-resolution component signals such as 480p and 1080i, and also SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels) for RGB. The SRP-X500P is equipped with four microphone inputs and two stereo line inputs.

Integrated Wireless Mic Tuner Slots
Up to two optional wireless tuner modules, the UWP-X1/X2 series or the WRU-806 can be directly installed in the SRP-X500P, making it simple to integrate a high quality Sony wireless microphone system into the presentation system. Please note: UWP Series models and WRT-WRU-806 Series models are not compatible with one another.

Comprehensive Remote Control
The SRP-X500P provides extensive control capabilities through its Control-S, RS-232C and parallel port or an optional RM-AV3000 series Wireless Remote Commander.

Built-in Four-Channel Digital Power Amplifier
The SRP-X500P is equipped with four-channel digital power amplifiers that can be switched between high and low impedance modes corresponding to various loudspeaker and room types.

Easy-to-Use GUI
The SRP-X500P is supplied with the Windows-based software program, the SRP-X500P Manager. The SRP-X500P Manager program allows easy configuration of the system during installation, including control of audio processing settings, such as equalizer, AGC, and compressor using a simple and intuitive GUI.

5 x 1 AV switcher contains 2-RGB/component video inputs and 3-composite video inputs (each with stereo audio)
Integrated high quality audio mixer with 4-microphone and 1 stereo line input
Mounting slots built in for two (optional UTX-M1) wireless mic diversity receiver modules
Audio signal processing includes digital equalizer and dynamics processing for each microphone channel, plus on-board digital feedback reducer
Built-in 4 Channel digital power amplifier
Scene storage, plus last memory recall
RS-232C and parallel input ports for remote control from a PC, third pary system controller or control panel
RS-232C output port for remote control of applicable video/data projector or plasma display panels
PC setup software supplied
Audio Inputs : Mic Inputs 1 to 4: XLR-3-31 type, balanced
Line IN/AV INPUT A to E: phono jack, unbalanced
Audio Outputs : Line Output 1 to 4: phono jack
Speaker Output CH 1/2: Screw Type Max. Output: 90W (4, 8 ohm)
Load Impedance: 4 to 16 ohm
Speaker Output CH 3/4: Screw type Max. Output: 50W (4, 8 ohm); 60W (70V)
Load Impedance: 4 to 16 ohm (82 ohm when 70V line is selected)
Video Input, AV RGB Input - Video A to C Connector: Phono jack
Signal Format: Composite
Impedance: 75 ohm
Video Input, AV RGB Input - Component RGB D-E Connector: HD D-sub, 15-pin
Signal Format: RGB/Component
Impedance: 75 ohm (video), 47 kohm (sync)
Video Output, Output Component/RGB Connector: HD D-sub, 15-pin
Signal Format: RGB/Component
Impedance: 75 ohm (video), 47 kohm (sync)
Video Output, Output Video Connector: Phono jack
Signal Format: Composite
Impedance: 75 ohm
Remote Connector Projector Control: RS-232C, D-Sub 9-pin (male)
Control S IN/OUT: Mini Jack
Parallel Remote Control: D-Sub, 25-pin (female)
Serial Remote Control: RS-232C, D-Sub 9-pin (male)
Other Connector: Antenna in A/B Connectors, BNC-type, supplies +9 V DC
+48V Power Supply: Supplies power to Mic Input 1 to 4 connectors (XLR) when 48V ON/OFF selector set to ON