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Wandlautsprecher 2-Weg

Perfekter Sound auf minimalster Tiefe. Ein absoluter Geheimtipp nicht nur für Home Theater Enthusiasten, sondern auch für Medienräume.



TT Technologie™

This feature has two distinct benefits; firstly either tweeter can be switched to ensure a perfect response in either horizontal or vertical placement.

Secondly PMC has developed steerable image techniques which utilises both drivers to direct the signal up or down – a perfect solution if the wafer is place higher, lower or even behind the listening position in the case of an in-ceiling installation.


Standard in-wall and on-wall designs are compromised by the large surface area of their front baffle that surrounds the drive units. This detrimental effect is best compared with cupping your hands around your mouth whilst speaking. PMC’s acoustic specialists have developed a unique, structured, absorbent surface that prevents these unwanted characteristic sound waves being reflected. The drive units behave as though in free air and concentrate pure, untainted audio directly into the listening space.


H-Line ATL™

The ultra-shallow ‘H Line’ interior of each cabinet is divided to create a long chamber, which is in turn lined with special acoustic materials. The result is an expansive, dynamic soundstage, with the type of deep bass one would only expect from a speaker many times the size.

Typ 2-Weg passiv H-ATL
Frequenzgang 40Hz - 25kHz
SPL @ 1m  
Empfindlichkeit 90dB 1W 1m
Empfohlene Leistung bis 150 W
Impedanz 8 Ohm nominal

HT  2 x 27mm fabric soft dome

TT 170mm

Masse (BxHxT) 335 x 575 x 100 mm