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The Quadriga User Meeting

Audio Archiving


Datum: 19.01.2006

Zeit: 0830h - 1730h

Ort: Zürich


The Seminar was a success!

We are happy to invite you to this major European-Archiving-Event in 2006, the traditional Quadriga User Meeting will be held on 19th January 2006 in Zurich .

The day will be split into two parts, on noon the “famous” User-Meeting will be held. After lunch the Cube-Tec International Crew with Jörg Houpert, Stefan Zachau and Tom Lorenz , will give you an outlook into the newest technologies and developments for and around Quadriga.
We hope that you will attend this seminar; it is the best possible platform for exchanging important Information’s around one table.
Kind regards  -  Marc Straehl






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