DB-8 – TV Transmission Processor

TC Electronic is a leading supplier of digital audio equipment for the music, post-production and broadcast industry. We are committed to provide broadcasters with state-of-the-art audio processing solutions in a time of analog to digital transition.

Extensive studies of the broadcast chain and constant evaluation of processing needs, combined with our extensive knowledge of surround audio and dynamics control, enable us to lead the way in audio processing in times of format transitions.

Inconsistent audio levels are the number one source of viewer irritations. The true loudness leveling tools provided in the DB-8 take care of these complaints. No more loud commercials, but a consistent audio level true to the viewers perception will satisfy the high demands of today’s viewer.

Intersample accurate limiting allows very tight peak control and maximum audio quality from lossy compression codecs. Distortion canceling limiting techniques keep distortion to an absolute minimum allowing the DB-8 to deliver clean crisp audio.

5-band processing is available in the DB-8 to take care of speech intelligibility and consistent audio quality. The dynamic equalization effect of the multiband processor creates a user defined consistent spectral balance.
The multiband processing structure is selectable between 1 and 5 bands. Using a 2-band structure will prevent excessive coloring of the signal, while using a 5-band structure allows full spectral balancing to take place. Different presets can be applied to different programming to fully benefit
from the qualities of multiband processing.

The DB-8 is a true multi format audio processor ready for tomorrow’s needs. Any currently available format is supported by the DB-8; mono, bilingual, stereo, Dolby Pro-Logic“ or even Dolby Digital“, the DB-8 is ready for it.
The different formats can even be used simultaneous, i.e. it’s possible to feed an analog stereo signal, a 5.1 digital signal and a mono webcast all from the same unit. Unique is the feature to convert stereo signals into 5.1, making it possible to start broadcasting in surround at any time.

The DB-8 consists of 4 separate engines (processors) that can be freely routed to the I/O or even be cascaded. The 4 engines make it possible to feed multiple formats simultaneous or even set up the DB-8 as 8 separate mono processors! Engines and internal routing use synchronous 48 kHz sampling and 48 bit processing throughout. Hundreds of engines or even DB-8's could be cascaded without degrading the transmitted sound.
The DB-8 is a true TV transmission processor ready for today’s and tomorrow’s standards!

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