MEDIORNET für die Einführung von SDI, HD-SDI, AES3, Line IN/OUT, Mikrofon, Line IN/OUT, analog Video, Computer Graphic, Ethernet, RS232

Guaranteed latency and delay for all signal types
With MEDIORNET you know how long it will take for a signal to reach its destination  

Small latency or transport time suitable for live-applications
The MEDIORNET-System has a latency of only 30 microseconds per hop.  

Guaranteed bandwidth for all signals
Non-blocking synchronous transport ensures the complete bandwith is available for the payload (= net 2Gbps per channel, net 32Gbps per node). 

Transparent data transport
What you put in you get out. No data is lost due to cropping or signal alteration.  

No sample / frame loss
MEDIORNET creates REDUNDANT COPIES of the original signal. A valid signal is automatically selected at the output.  

A MEDIORNET network is scalable from a single switch to a LAN containing many switches, to a WAN application spanning many kilometres. 

Free choice of topology
MEDIORNET has no topology restrictions. You can have any topology and AS MANY NODES IN A NETWORK SEGMENT AS YOU REQUIRE.

Signal manipulation
Features such as the integrated AD/DA conversion, the adjustable sample rate conversion (44.1, 48, 96 kHz) or the stereo channel shuffle, allow you to manipulate the signals within the MEDIORNET network