Best Drummers of All Time – Their Secrets

best drummers of all timeMusic is a passion for many. There are present various types of music equipment that can be played, which entirely depends upon individual moods, preference and taste. The drum kit is one such equipment that is enjoyed by many. According to the health experts, playing any type of music including the drum kit is said to provide relief from stress and hence, found to be therapeutic. The web is full of information on the best drummers of all time who have made it to the hall of fame.

Benefits derived to play the drum kit

There are indeed numerous benefits to be enjoyed by playing the drum. The main goal of a drummer should be to achieve low level of stress or to completely eliminate them. Relaxation is considered to be one major benefit to be gained. Playing drum is regarded to be a form of exercise and does help to alleviate pressure associated with depression and stress. Drumming is likely to be vigorous which again depends upon playing approach.

It can keep the person mentally focused upon what is being performed. Be it for sheer fun or to learn the techniques of playing the drum, it does help to eliminate stress. The other fabulous benefits of playing the drum is flexibility, greater coordination and improved posture combined with good rhythm sense.

Is there required a drum set?

The best results can be achieved by owning a good drum set. But a good branded drum kit is sure to be expensive. The acoustic drum sets are likely to vary depending on the extras, size and brand. For the electronic versions, the factors of selection are very much the same. If pricing is not an option, then the best choice will be to buy practice pad sets.

Other aspects to know

The kit size will be determined upon the space available to store it. Plenty of room will be taken up by the acoustic kits when compared to the practice set or electronic kit.

When noise is concerned, the acoustic type is found to be louder. However, it can also be played at lower volumes with pads on cymbals and drumheads. Headphones can be used on electronic kits to hear virtual sounds of full drum set. The practice and electronic set are found to be the quietest.

Learning drumming is fun and quick with the right tools, knowledge and practice.

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