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audio recording for macDuring the 80’s, recording audio to the computer would have required a microphone, which in turn was connected to mixing console that needed tape machines of open reel type to ensure easy editing process. But back then, the entire procedure was quite time consuming, while the equipments did cost a lot. At the same time, the person had to have good knowledge of editing. However, modern technology and the advent of sophisticated gadgets have made audio recording to be completed in minutes. Audio recording in mac is quick, efficient and effective.

A Video Showing Audio Recording in Mac

How to start audio recording in today’s times?

Several equipment combinations will be required for audio recording for mac. There will be necessary a computer, mic stand, microphone and USB cable. But for those serious into this profession can use optional extras and invest huge. They may be interested in owning processing equipments such as reverberation equipment, sound finalizers, compressors, etc. Again people who are home recording artists or enthusiasts may start off small. With every success, they can add up more equipment to their existing collection as and when they find it fit.

One can make use of record audio computer mac laptops that are found to be effective and efficient. It should have ample disk size to enhance machine performance. There are also available free and paid software programs that can be tried out as desired.

The mic stand is to be suspended over the piano center or placed with resect of any other equipment used. The mic needs to be of larger diaphragm to capture rich bass of natural sound. The main difference noticed between pro-sumer or professional and consumer is the diaphragm size or the part which captures sound waves to convert them into digital signal. It is here that USB mic plays an important role, since it is of plug & play arrangement. The drivers will be recognized by the laptop and self installed to ensure that the microphone offers optimized function.

Irrespective of the software being used, the recording levels need to be below peak area on metering. Unlike analogue, in digital audio, recording is possible at high levels. But when moving a bit higher, where the input is overload, terrible distortion will take place, since sound wave gets cut off. Hence, it will be essential to check the levels, leave headroom and then test it. Clipping is not necessary for digital systems as it allows high recording level.

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